Though You Slay Me

Though You Slay Me

by Rita Harris

One woman’s faith and determination to survive the destruction and devastation of war to give hope to others.


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Though You Slay Me is the compelling account of one woman’s determination and survival of a war she never asked for, and her heartfelt plea for her beloved home to regain what they once had – a land of beauty, rich in resource and culture.

Witnessing the tearing apart of her beloved country, losing loved ones in the worst of ways, living through devastation she could never have imagined, and living the worst of extremes just to survive, this remarkable woman has endured seemingly hell on earth yet, due to her steadfast faith in God, has retained a heart of love believing still for reformation and a return of the Liberia she once knew.

This book is both historical as well as being a personal account and example of the strength of the human spirit to not only survive enormous atrocities, but to thrive in the aftermath.

Rita’s story is one of redemption and inspiring hope in the face of evil.

After an eventful beginning to life, Rita Harris now lives with her husband Phillip on the Isle of Wight, where she works as a cleaner at the local holiday resort, while Phillip takes care of the house – shopping, cooking, and also doing practical jobs for the neighbours.

Publisher: Star Label Publishing

Language: English

Paperback: 258 pages

Print ISBN: 978-0-6459337-7-2

“An absolute must-read!” – Jeanette (Australia)