Pizza & Choir

Pizza & Choir

By Rebecca Moore

‘Pizza & Choir’ is a beautiful view of life. With a masterful touch, loving heart, and joyful perspective in life, Rebecca captures and retells the moments in our lives that really matter. This collection of short stories, poems and prose will brighten your everyday and have you smiling, laughing out loud, crying and making the most of life’s precious moments.



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Rebecca Moore

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Rebecca is a columnist, freelance writer and author. A diverse craftswoman she writes for several magazines, book anthologies and publications including online publications, as well as film and television.

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Publisher: Star Label Publishing, Australia QLD

Print ISBN: 9780648460206

Ebook ISBN: 9780648460251

What people are saying:

“[This book] brings so much peace and clarity to our busy lives. Thank you for sharing your heart through your powerful (and funny) stories. You are such a blessing.”

—M. Bennett

“‘Pizza and Choir’ is a gorgeous compilation of stories, poems and prose that warmed my heart and reminded me daily that life’s little issues and struggles are temporary, but God’s love for us is permanent…[This book]is like a big hug each time I pick it up.”

—S. Keetley

“I love this book, it makes me feel normal! —It is an absolute delight to read and so beautifully written that it becomes relatable and engaging. Rebecca has you entertained, laughing, crying and inspired from the beginning to the end. This book encourages you to see the beauty of life, to be thankful for the strengths we find in trials and truly grateful for God’s blessings upon our lives.”

—P. Wilson

“I had tears in my eyes. The words you penned on those pages are beautiful!”

—A. Fenton

“It was such a special afternoon celebrating the launch of Rebecca Moore’s new book “Pizza and Choir”. The snippets of the book and poetry that Rebecca shared were like honey to the soul…”

—D. Jacobs  

“It was so great to be part of Rebecca Moore’s book launch this weekend. Hearing you share your heart Beck and all that went into creating your second book “Pizza and Choir” was amazing! Your writings are a gift to us all!!” 

—Pastor D. Fenton