Nanna’s Ladybird

Nanna’s Ladybird

By Melanie Hunter, Illustrated by Lana Mansfield


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Peggy loved spending time with Nanna. They created homes for ladybirds, jumped and jived under the jacaranda tree and pruned Nanna’s roses.

This is a connective story about the loss of a beloved grandparent, the wind-like nature of grief and how God reaches through His creation to speak words of comfort and love.

Melanie Hunter is an author, Japanese High School Teacher and book reviewer ( She is a member of Australian Writer’s Centre, Zanni Louise’s Sunshine House Writing Community and the Australian Authors Association. Melanie recently won the UON short-story competition and her junior fiction story was shortlisted in the ‘Pitch it’ competition. Melanie lives in the scenic Lake Macquarie area in NSW with her husband and three sons. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, writing, reading, reviewing books, pilates, and enjoying a cup of tea. Melanie lived in Japan as an exchange student, has visited the country many times since and has a strong connection to Korea, as her two youngest sons were adopted from South Korea.

Lana Mansfield, born in Newcastle, has always been interested in creativity and made art forms. She is a Visual Arts Teacher and has been working across the Lake Macquarie schools for over 13 years. Prior to teaching she worked in a variety of roles in local film and TV production, mainly in the makeup department which she continued to work in through photography and weddings until 2018. Lana featured in the MAC Reconnected Exhibition 2020 and was exhibited in Zart Teachers Prize in 2022 in Melbourne where she was awarded the NSW State Prize. This is her first published illustration.

Publisher: Star Label Publishing

Language: English

Paperback: 34 pages


PB – 978-0-6459337-3-4

HC – 9780645933758

How do you help your little one through the loss of a grandparent or loved one?

Nanna’s Ladybird by Melanie Hunter is a beautiful book that walks through the close relationship Peggy had with her Nanna. When Peggy’s Nanna passes away, Peggy misses her so much. She remembers her Monday visits with Nanna, how she would make scrambled eggs, read books, play outside together, dance under the jacaranda tree, and especially how they enjoyed creating homes for the ladybirds out of petals and fallen leaves in the garden.

The story introduces Peggy’s mum who sensitively shows Peggy that it is alright to feel sad. Peggy’s mum gently walks Peggy through the wonderful memories that they shared together and shows her that when Peggy does the things she used to do with Nanna, she can remember the fun times they had and the love they shared. This is where Peggy begins to feel closer to Nanna and even though she is not with them anymore, Peggy discovers that memories are a precious gift that God gives us to feel close to those we’ve lost. 

The beautiful illustrations by talented artist Lana Mansfield compliment the story like marshmallows to a campfire. The vibrant, charming illustrations draw you into the pages helping the reader to lose themselves in this heartfelt and comforting story.

 – Rebecca Moore (author of The Little Mustard Seed)