Extravagant Life to Extravagant Love

Extravagant Life to Extravagant Love

By Angela Williams

The inspiring true story of Angela Williams, daughter of a wealthy British lord, who exchanged ballgowns for boots to help women of the red-light district discover beauty beyond labels as she journeys from extravagant life to extravagant love.



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“I was about to enter a very different world from the one I had known all my life, and I would be lying if I said that I was feeling comfortable and confident about it. Yet my feet kept pushing me forward because I knew there was a purpose for me being here. I couldn’t imagine a world where pure love does not exist, where love is merely transactional. I had to see this world for myself.” 

Entering the red-light areas of England’s most violent cities is not somewhere people usually dream of venturing. However, for Angela, this became her reality.

Born into one of the wealthiest families in England, and the daughter of a British lord, Angela jumps from ballgowns to boots to give us an intimate, honest and somewhat humorous behind-the-scenes look into the dichotomies of living between two opposite worlds. 

In confronting her own Hollywood glamorised portrayal of prostitution, Angela discovered a desperate world with many hidden faces. Her commitment to discover the beauty beyond the labels and show extravagant love to the most stigmatised and misunderstood in society not only changed their lives, but hers too.

This book is a challenging and powerful reminder that we each have a divine purpose: to love humankind just as Jesus did – with extravagance.

Angela Williams

Angela Williams is a British born Australian citizen, an author, speaker and a Hillsong College graduate. As the founder of Embrace Warwickshire Ltd, a charity reaching out to the sex workers of Coventry, England since 2008, she is a passionate advocate for kindness that can change the world. Angela lives on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland with her husband Noel, their adult son Dara, and their two dogs Archie and Peanut.

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Publisher ‏ : ‎ Starlabel Artistry – Publishing (10 August 2021)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 340 pages

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0648460282

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0648460282

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The normal narrative of most autobiographical books is that against insurmountable odds the hero prevails. Yet what inspired me about Angela’s story was the exact opposite. She grew up not with insurmountable odds, but rather insurmountable opportunities. With the world at her feet and the great heights of success within her reach, she chose the unthinkable, to leave her privileged life to help the despised, rejected and overlooked in our world. 

This is not only a unique and intriguing story but a love story that proves there is no-one unseen by Jesus or outside the depths of His love. Angela simply obeyed the Call of God on her life and in faith reached out to help and rescue those in desperate need, just like Jesus did.  Her story is a powerful reminder to us all that when we capture the true heart of Jesus that he will empower us against all odds to see those on the fringes of society, experience God’s love in such a profound way that it will change their lives forever.  This book will not only encourage you to pursue your own call of God but will also empower you to show extravagant love to those on the fringes of your life. If you have a heart to make a difference in your world, then Angela’s story is a must read! 

Mike Jeffs
Founder and CEO Australian Christian Channel (ACCTV) 
Board Member of Compassion

Angela is a WYSIWYG girl-What you see is what you get.She is the same person in the office, the school gate, in Starbucks or in her home. She talks straight, loves compassionately, shares her resource generously and treats all (and I mean all) mankind equally. 

“I vowed that I would never diminish the value of others by elevating my own importance” 

This quote…her quote…sums her up magnificently. It’s how she rolls.And that’s what makes this story remarkable. She has experienced the two bookends of life that most of us only ever hear and read about. Extreme wealth and extreme poverty. The lofty corridors of immense power and dignity and the dark street corners of prostitution and debauchery.How she navigates these extremes with grace and poise and with a good dose of humour, faith and compassion is heart-warming, inspirational and very challenging.
Simon Jarvis  Senior Leader, One Church Network (UK, Zimbabwe) Leadership Development Director, Assemblies of God Great Britain  

Superbly and exquisitely written from the heart, Angela Williams eloquently dispels the “rich kid” label and gives compelling insight into the question “Am I doing enough with what I have been given?”

There is a story from her childhood that made me mad, followed by another that made me sit here in awe & disbelief about her extravagant love. Angela is the “real deal” and here she chronicles a journey of privilege and pain, leveraged for the benefit of others. You had better grab a good coffee, settle in a quiet place, & buckle up.
Andrew Staggs Principal, Citipointe Ministry College; Consultant, & Coach