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Elise Pappas

Elise Pappas is a pastor with the Australian Christian Churches, formerly AOG in Australia, and a contributing columnist for Christian Today Australia’s online magazine

Elise has a genuine love for God and people. She has a kindness and gentleness that draws others in a natural way to Jesus wherever they may be in their life journey. She is energised to win souls for Christ.

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Rebecca Moore

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Rebecca is a columnist, freelance writer and author. A diverse craftswoman she writes for several magazines, book anthologies and publications including online publications, as well as film and television. Her movie reviews and columns are published locally, nationally and internationally. Rebecca’s passion is to inspire others through words that capture and present the beauty in life, love, the simplicity of everyday moments and home life to provide value to being a woman, wife, mother, daughter, good human being and friend to all.

Books by Rebecca Moore